Tulsa Outdoor Lighting

Elm Creek Landscape and Design offers creative and excellent Tulsa outdoor lighting solutions for your Tulsa landscape lighting as well as your home. Every home is different, so creativity is a must when planning your landscape lighting. Besides just the aesthetic benefits, landscape lighting also improves the outdoors functionality, safety, and security. We use a variety of fixtures and technology to customize each system.

Do you want to be able to customize and operate your lighting system completely from your smartphone? We can do that. Do you want to set a custom schedule so you can turn off certain sections of your lighting in the wee hours of the morning? We can do that. Would you like to see a real life demonstration of landscape lighting highlighting your house? We can do that!

Aesthetic • Professionally installed landscape lighting makes any landscape more appealing. Accenting your favorite tree, or highlighting the detail on the stone of your house, there are many ways landscape lighting can draw attention to your favorite details.

Function • Landscape lighting can extend the usage of outdoor areas. Just because the sun goes down doesn’t mean you have to go inside! Landscape lighting can extend the usage of your outdoors.

Safety • When we talk about safety, we’re referring to residents’ and guests’ ability to safely navigate your property and avoid otherwise unseen obstacles. This is done by illuminating walkways, entrance ways, and elevation transitions. This goal can be achieved with path lights, area lights, wall wash lights, and even down lighting.

Security • Although highlighting your home and your favorite trees and shrubs are probably the most appealing part of landscape lighting, it is also an effective way to combat trespassing and deter theft. That can be addressed with high voltage floodlights, but a much better approach is to strategically place low levels of light throughout a property to create cohesion, or smooth transitions of light.